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Hidden Things to Know About the Student Center

If you’re on campus and looking for something to do, or even some place to hang out or study, the Student Center is a great resource for students to get involved. There are countless resources and opportunities available to all in the Student Center which not all students are aware of.

Michelle Dabenigno, Assistant Director of SP&E at Bentley, provided some helpful information for some common questions about programming at the Student Center.

Harry’s Pub

Is there an age restriction to get in after a certain hour?

No age restrictions ever. All members of the Bentley community are welcome, regardless of when the bar is open. 

How much do drinks cost?

We sell $2 drafts of beer and cider and $3 bottles/cans of beer and $3 glasses of wine. 

What kinds of drinks are offered?

A mix of beer, cider, and wine. We have two options available on draft at a time and a number of bottles/can and wine. Student recommendations are considered when choosing the alcohol selection and they may change a few times throughout the semester. 

What days/times is the pub open?

The pub as a space is open all hours that the student center is open. As a pub (with bar service) the regular hours of operation are Wednesday-Saturday 8pm-1am. Also during the fall semester, the Pub will be open and serving alcohol on Sundays during the Patriots games. The pub is also hosting pre-game events for the home Bentley hockey games! Students can head to the pub before the game for some activities and a drink from the bar. 

Business Center

Where/how can students get discounted movie tickets?

Movie tickets are available at the business center for $9 each. They can get you access to movies at Showcase or AMC. They accept cash or check!

What are the hours for the Student Center?

  • Mon-Thurs 7am-1am

  • Fri 7am-2am

  • Sat 9am-2am

  • Sun 9am-1am

Business center resources

  • Lost and found

  • Movie ticket sales

  • Student printing

  • Borrowing game equipment to play pool or ping pong in the living room

  • Poster printing

  • Borrow the music rehearsal room key

  • Poster approval

  • Assistance with any meetings or events happening in the building

  • Maintain shuttle line for questions and concerns

  • General student center or Bentley questions 

Resources Available to Clubs and Organizations

Student organizations can make up to 50 free color copies per day. Student orgs can also print one free poster of any size per semester. After the initial poster, orgs can choose to pay for printed posters. Student orgs who have storage space in the student center can borrow their key from the business center. Get posters/flyers approved by visiting the business center or emailing, pickup any org related mail or packages that are delivered to SP&E.

The Media Wall

The media wall can play one channel full screen or up to four different channels at a time. You can request a specific channel at the business center. It’s great for watching a sporting event, having a movie night, or video game tournament event. In some occasions, can also be used to connect a laptop for a presentation. 

Stay up to date with on-campus programming by following For any questions about programming in the Student Center (or anywhere else on campus), feel free to email, or message us on Instagram or Facebook!


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