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High Five For Hockey

The first home Bentley Hockey pregame happened Friday night before the game in Harry’s Pub!

There were games like Jenga and Corn Hole for students to play. As well as free winter hats to paint and decorate, foam fingers, and foam hats in the shape of hockey sticks!

In addition, Bentley hockey alumni were invited to the Pub to enjoy some drinks and good company before Bentley’s first game.

Many students came to join in the energy and festivities and one special winner received Bentley Season Hockey tickets through a raffle.

Even though Bentley did not win on Friday, students can look forward to many more home game pre games hosted by TNT!

Pregame Series Dates:

Oct 12th-6pm

Oct 26th-6pm

Oct 27th-6pm

Nov 2nd-6pm

Nov 3rd-4pm

Stay posted on to stay updated on more hockey pre-games and events!

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