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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Did you know 45% of students involved in Greek Life have gotten a job/internship through their chapters’ social connections? Getting involved with Greek Life at Bentley is a great way to join communities that strive to bring together philanthropy, social connections and academic successes through responsible leaders! Learn more about new Greek life policies, GPA requirements, how to get involved and more below! Matt Galewski, the Associate Director of Student Programs and Engagement has highlighted the following information:

New Greek Life Policies:

  • Second year of new Community Standards Program that motivates chapter success in attaining benchmarks at different levels in a more transparent and responsive way in accordance wtih student needs.

  • Minimum requirement of all chapters include trainings, meeting philanthropy goals, risk management trainings, new member education, scholarship and academic successes.

  • New strategic plan for Greek Life:

- Increasing GPA 2.5 to 2.7 with the eventual goal to raise it higher

- Create a Greek Community that is more united, active and connected with Bentley campus community as well as the Greater Boston Area

- Standards program and risk management is more proactive and responsible as well as innovative. It is constantly maintained, the kind of training and skills that students need to make safe and healthy decisions.

GPA Requirements:

  • *2.7 GPA minimum requirement (can vary from chapter to chapter but it has been increased overall from a minimum of a 2.5)

  • Completed a minimum of 15 credits at Bentley

* The increase in GPA is to make sure that new recruitees have a solid academic foundation.

How to get involved?

  • Do your research! The Bentley Greek Life website, Standards Report Card, Chapters’ websites - are great resources to learn more about Greek Life

  • Reach out to Panhellenic or Interfraternity Councils

  • Connect with SP&E Office

All the chapters on campus and their respective presidents listed below:


Alpha Epsilon Pi President: Chris Freedman

Alpha Gamma Pi President: Nick Maini

Alpha Sigma Pi President: Connor Hogan

Delta Kappa Epsilon President: Andy Jordan

Kappa Sigma President: Hunter Henriksen

Sigma Chi President: Cashen Keebler

Sigma Gamma Delta President: Luke Ford

Sigma Pi President: Nick DeLillo


Alpha Phi President: Briana Cefaloni

Gamma Phi Beta President: Megan Call

*Kappa Delta President: Pending

Phi Sigma Sigma President: Ryan Ludwig

*Newest Chapter on campus, learn more about Kappa Delta here.

For more information on Greek Life at Bentley click here.


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