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Career Fair Fall 2018

On Wednesday, September 26th, Bentley University Career Services hosted yet another successful Career Fair. There were a total of 142 companies for Bentley Students to talk with, among which were 400 industry representatives, 250 of which were our own alumni. To make the success of the Career Fair even more special, it was the very first Career Fair held in the Bentley Arena, which proved to be a fantastic venue for this event.

The purpose of the Bentley Career Fair is to connect students with employers to explore various companies and career opportunities. Here, Bentley students and alumni are given the chance to invest in their future by networking with business professionals across a wide range of industries and professions.

Many of Bentley students took advantage of this opportunity. In fact, almost 1,400 students were present at some point during the event, representing both themselves and Bentley in a professional manner.

“I think the Career Fair is a great way for students to take their first steps towards finding a position that is right for them. During last year’s fall Career Fair, I was able to get my foot in the door with my dream company, and was able to get an offer as a summer intern. After this past summer, I accepted a full time offer after graduation with the same company. It all started with walking up to their booth at the Career Fair.” —Steven Ryan, ‘19

University Career Services would also like to acknowledge the scale of collaboration across campus to make this event happen and would like to thank to all faculty, Campus Police, Facilities, Athletics, Mail Services, Sodexo, Conference Center, Beta Alpha Psi, ALPFA, Telecommunications, Financial Operations, and finally, the Arena Management team.

Career Services would also like to send a special thanks to the Bentley Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends for putting together a tremendously successful post-Career Fair reception. Over 100 were in attendance, including President Alison Davis Blake!

Of course, a HUGE thanks to Bentley’s Career Services and Recruiting staff! Your tireless work in pulling off this massively successful event is something that does not go unnoticed among Bentley students and alumni!

Photo courtesy of Janet Ehl of Bentley Career Services

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