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Mona Haydar: Rapper, Activist, Muslim

Mona Haydar, a Muslim activist woman, spoke about her life as a Muslim woman with her husband Sebastian Robins. Her speech highlighted how Islamophobia has affected her life, how that has sparked her activism and how she is a typical American just like anyone else. Haydar started an “Ask A Muslim” campaign that encouraged open conversation about bigotry as well as released her own song called “Hijabi” that aims to fight misconceptions about Muslim women.

This event was organized by the Multicultural Center and sponsored by the Equity Center, Spiritual Life Center, and SASA. Alizay Maniya, Class of 2019, engaged with Mona and Sebastian by asking them a series of questions to gain more insight about their lives. The audience was able to learn more about her culture and had the opportunity to ask any questions afterwards.

More information about Mona can be found at her website or through her Instagram @themostmona.

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