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Student Leader: September 2018

Senior, Aleshia Green, has been named SP&E’s Student Leader of the Month for September!

Aleshia is majoring in Finance and minoring in Law. She is from Boston, MA originally, and now resides in Brockton, MA.

She is the Vice President of the Caribbean Ancestry Student Association, Chair of the Allocation and Internal Audit Committee, and Events Coordinator of the FIRE Step Team on campus.

“I am Jamaican, a heritage which I hold loud and proud. Family and friends are my everything to me and they’ve never stopped pushing me to reach my best potential and be the best version of me,” says Green.

Green shares that she is an optimist who loves to spread positivity. She is always seeking new ways to connect with other organizations on campus and bring people together.

One of her nominators speaks on her positivity:

 “Aleshia’s positivity and community-oriented outlook is apparent in everything she does on campus. Through her various leadership and volunteer roles on campus, she is always willing to lend a helping hand and get involved to make Bentley a welcoming and supportive place.”

“It feels amazing to be Student Leader of the Month. I made it a goal coming in to Bentley to be involved and allow myself to grow by putting myself out there and trying new things. I wanted to improve my leadership skills and better articulate the great ideas I had, so getting involved with FIRE and CASA were my starting points to doing so.

I couldn’t have imagined that it would grow into the leadership roles and acquired skills that I now have. I have been blessed to meet so many people that have supported me through my journey. I am thankful for all the staff and faculty who have continuously encouraged me and always believed in my abilities,” Green says.

Fun Fact about Aleshia:

She loves writing poetry! It’s a soothing mechanism for her to express her thoughts in a creative way!

Congratulations to Aleshia Green! Keep visiting for more updates on what is coming this October!


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