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Kappa Delta's Bid Reveal Fall 2018

Kappa Delta’s bid reveal was this past Monday night! Many Bentley women made history by becoming Bentley’s first Kappa Delta sisters!

Some students shared their thoughts on this exciting evening:

Allison Coon (’20) and Vice President of Phi Sigma Sigma shares her experience being a big for Melissa Landry (’21):

“The excitement at Kappa Delta’s bid day was palpable! As Greek women, we all wanted to be there to welcome our new Panhellenic sisters, and being able to be bigs for them is such an exciting opportunity! We are nothing but excited for this incredible group of founding members!

Two besties, Lea Thompson (’21) and Katelyn Petronack (’21) were welcomed as Kappa Delta sisters as well!

Katelyn shares, “It’s been so beautiful to go through a rush process with my best friend and deepen our bond as we turn into sisters! We are so excited to start our sorority family with twins and littles so we can look back 50 years from now and trace our family trees.”

While Lea adds, “It was kind of crazy to think we are a start to a long line of Kappa Delta sisters and the memories we make are traditions that will be kept for years to come.”

The Panhellenic community can't wait to see what's in store this semester!

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