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Bentley Homecoming 2018

Bentley welcomed many families, students and alumni for Homecoming celebrations this past Saturday as hosted by CAB and funded by SAF. With a football game against Merrimack College, activities like carnival games, skee ball, water gun race, as well as food from Boston Burger Company and Zeineken Waffles had everyone beyond excited!

Even though, unfortunatly Bentley football team did not win, Andrew Brazicki, a sophmore running back, highlighted: “That there was an electric atmosphere at the game, lots of fans and people from the Bentley community showed up which helped us believe it or not. It was tough but an awesome game to play in front of everyone.“

CAB, comedy co-chair, Bre Watt emphasized: “People really loved the food trucks, as Boston Burger Company is always a hit, and then the waffles were great too! Many of the families, especially the ones with the small kids enjoyed the carnival games and not to mention the intense football game!”

Be sure to check out the photos from Homecoming on!

Special congratulations to Jared Ouellette (Class of 2019) and Brooke Jameson (Class of 2019) for winning Homecoming King and Queen!

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