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New Orgs on Campus: Fall 2018

This semester at Bentley is an exciting one! We have many new orgs on campus this year such as:

Women’s Ice Hockey

The Bentley Women’s Club Hockey Team (BWIHT) is based out of the brand new multipurpose arena! The team practices 1-2 nights a week and has several games already scheduled. The team is officially members of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) in the Women’s Division 2 category.

Their league roster is closed, but they are still accepting people to be practice players and get on the ice in some way! BWIHT’s first home games will be September 28th at 7pm against UCONN and September 29th at 3pm against Boston University. President of BWIHT, Noelle Mandery, adds, “Be part of history, and come watch the first ever women’s hockey game be played at Bentley University!”

Information Systems Audit Control Association (ISACA)

Vice President of ISACA, Ellis Yoder shares:

“The ISACA Student Group is affiliated with the professional organization of IT auditors, but we are so much more than that; we are a group for students passionate about technology and its influence across every industry in the business world.

If you’re excited for events that give members opportunities to learn about tech in the workplace and network with local professionals across various fields, you should join ISG. We have professional development and networking events in the works with firms such as Epsilon, KPMG, RSM, and more in the coming months, so check us out!”

Kappa Delta Sorority

Kappa Delta is the brand new sorority on Bentley's campus. Founding members of Kappa Delta will get to set the precedent of excellence for their chapter, as well as create traditions that will be around for many years to come!

Kappa Delta's Recruitment Weekend is approaching fast, September 21st-23rd, and will consist of three days: Friday Open House, Saturday Information Session and Sunday Preference & Bid Day.

Visit SP&E’s website later this week to hear more on Kappa Delta!

The Noise Slam Poetry Team

The Noise Slam Poetry Team is a student organization founded with the goal to bring together a community that loves reading, writing, and listening to poetry. In addition, the org is founded on the basis of creating a creative outlet that anyone can utilize!

“Poetry is a healthy way to talk about how we feel, express ourselves, and handle our emotions. People should join the Noise Slam Poetry Team if they want to improve their writing, understanding of literature, and social awareness. No prior experience is needed,” says Vanessa Ly.

This year, we hope to hold several open mics where people can take the floor and perform their poems. We are also holding our first general body and workshop on Wednesday, September 19th in Backbay B.

Brazilian Student Society

President of BSS, Best, Gabriel Gaetano, shares:

“The purpose of the BSS is to bring Brazil to campus, with the intent of demystifying its multiple facets including culture, economy, business environment, politics, and social issues. It provides its members the opportunity to understand the dynamics of this top-10 world economy, the mindset of the world’s 5th largest population, thereby fostering Bentley’s mission of promoting global citizens.

Our plan activities include FIFA tournament, soccer game screenings, and traditional food tasting, providing students an occasion to socialize and further unite. “ 

Reminders as the semester kicks up:

  • Student run orgs are a great way to get involved on campus! SP&E supports over 100 orgs on campus.

  • 1 in 3 Bentley students is involved in a student org and 1 in 10 Bentley students serve on a student org executive board.

  • If you are interested in starting an org of your own get in touch with ABA (Association of Bentley Activities).

  • Also, if you are interested in getting in touch with any of these orgs just send an email to the “GA” account on Outlook!

A great way to check out these new orgs is by visiting, and take a look at the calendar on the home page to stay up to date on org events throughout the semester! In addition, if you are interested in hearing more about Kappa Delta sorority on campus, stay tuned for another article coming later this week!

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