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Student Writers: OL Student Coordinators

Orientation for incoming first year students is an exciting first step into becoming part of the Bentley community. This week long program gives students various opportunities to meet new people, become familiar with on campus resources, and learn about the different ways to get involved on campus.

This summer, Robert Zedors, Gabrielle Casalino, Margarita Belaya, and Tyler Sloman, the student coordinators (pictured below), have dedicated all summer to plan Orientation. They are ecstatic for everyone to experience a week full of fun activities and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Robert Zedros shares on his experience: "Being a Student Coordinator (Stuco) for Bentley's Orientation Program has been one of the greatest sources of personal development for me over the past year. As a Stuco, I have be opened up to new experiences and disciplines I never thought I would encounter. From presenting at an international conference to writing the newsletters given out to first-year students to hosting Instagram Live events, this role has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. However, my absolute favorite part about this role are the personal interactions I have been able to have with fellow staff and peers. Every day, I am surrounded by such positive, kind and caring people who make me a better person every day. Additionally, being able to serve as a positive role model for others, but particularly my peers, has been extremely rewarding."

Tyler Sloman exclaims: "Being a Student Coordinator of Orientation has been a life changing experience! When I accepted the position last November, I never realized the difference I could make. However, living on campus all summer talking to students and parents and preparing for Orientation has been everything I could have asked for. Since Day 1, we have been devoted to making the best program for our new Falcons, and I know we are well on our way from turning that dream into a reality. The students coming into Bentley are some of the brightest this University has ever seen, and their Orientation program will be the electric welcome they deserve. I know all of us from Central Staff to the OL’s are pumped for Orientation Training to kick off the best two weeks of the year!"

With 14 more days till move in, the Student Coordinators are getting ready for OL training and to meet the incoming class of 2022.

To stay up to date with information regarding Orientation, follow @welcomefalcons on Instagram.


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