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Accepted Student's Day 2018

Accepted Students’ Day this spring was a success! Many students came to campus unsure if Bentley was the right college for them and left having put down a deposit, while copped some new Bentley swag.

Potential Bentley students strolled through campus with their tour guides and passed by all of the exciting events being held. The morning was filled with many events such as the international students’ breakfast, women’s leadership breakfast, and Gloria’s welcome speech to start off the day! There were tours happening throughout the day, in addition to the student activities fair in student center, a “majors and minors” fair with professors in the EDR, athletic teams in the Dana Center, and tours with the hockey team in the new Multipurpose Arena. Other events on lower included the women’s lacrosse game and baseball game where admitted students and their families were able to show some Bentley spirit and support our athletic teams.

Bentley students involved in different orgs and sports were so excited to welcome these students to their potential new home. Tour guide, Lydia Henderson (‘21), shares that a highlight on her tours with the potential students was the “green monster” on the green space where Bentley students were playing wiffle-ball.

Lydia also shares that on her tour she met an enthusiastic potential student who spoke with her about playing women’s club rugby at Bentley next year. After the tour was over the student went to put down her deposit and pick up her free sweatshirt! All in all, Accepted Students’ Day was a huge success and an exciting day for the current and potential falcons!

What do you remember about your experience at Bentley Accepted Students’ Day? Comment below!

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