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Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala

Philanthropy is a founding value of each Greek Life chapter at Bentley University. Alpha Phi’s national philanthropy is Women’s Heart Health. This cause is held so closely to each member of the sorority and to women across the globe as it is the number one cause of death for women worldwide. This philanthropy is not just pertinent to Alpha Phi at Bentley University but is shared across all Alpha Phi chapters across the nation.

In honor of this philanthropy, the sorority organizes an annual Red Dress Gala to raise money and awareness for the cause. Typically the event is a formal dinner but this year it was in the held as a Sunday brunch. Friends and family joined the 130 sisters as guests to celebrate the cause together. Through generous donations and ticket sales, all 314 attendees, as well as other donors, were able to raise $11,870 for the cause which exceeded their goal of $10,000! Not only were they able to raise money to help the efforts but they also raised awareness of Women’s Heart Health through speeches and anecdotes shared by the sisters.

After a series of heartwarming and inspirational speeches, pictures at each of the photo stations, and a hot brunch it was time for the raffles and silent auctions. There were 30 different raffled baskets from fitness themed to spa themed to even tea themed. Winners were able to walk away with a gift as a memory of the brunch. In addition to this, there were 6 silent auctions that included a signed baseball, trip to cancun, Kate Spade bag and more.

By the end of the gala, friends and family’s of the sisters were able to participate in a philanthropy that is incredibly dear to the Alpha Phi sorority and each of the sisters. The day was full of laughs, smiles, and great memories. We can’t wait to see what is in store for the next Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala!

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