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Behind the Scenes: LIVE Team

Hear about HYPE's Live Team from Juliana'18 Live Engagement Manager!

What is the purpose of the Live Engagement team?

The purpose of Live team is to ensure that students have a representative of SPE at events around campus. It is representative not only facilitate engagement they also manage different social media, photo and video coverage. These representatives serve as brand ambassadors of SPE.

How does Live add value to the HYPE team as well as Student Programs and Engagement?

The live team ensures that all on campus programs and events adhere to SPE policies and help to improve student life at Bentley. Unlike the rest of HYPE, live works directly with students who are attending events. Thus, it is the Live team's responsibility to make sure that students have a say into what goes on - in regard to programs on campus.

What types of skills does a live engagement assistant need to embody?

Live engagement assistants need to be outgoing, positive, approachable! They need to have a good understanding of the SP&E mission statement, work well with other people, be self-motivated, take initiative and finally - be visionary. They can apply these skills to the tasks throughout the semester and everything that comes their way.

What are the main responsibilities of being a live engagement manager?

As the assistant manager, I am responsible for setting the vision and managing live engagement efforts to facilitate real-time connections. I also work on developing and overseeing multidimensional department marketing campaigns, providing direct supervision and support to four Live Engagement Assistants. These are the main responsibilities I have but I am always adaptable and flexible in my initiatives and future assignments.

What does Live have planned for the future?

Live will be working with the rest of HYPE to introduce a marketing consulting service for student orgs. The purpose for this is to improve the quality of marketing on campus and provide additional support to our own students.

What is your favorite part about Live?

Managing the live team allows me to help other students develop skills that they wouldn't have gained in a different capacity. I enjoy being able to watch my peers grow into a professional marketing team.


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