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Student Leader Elections 2018: Part 1

Elections for positions in Student Government Association (SGA), Allocations and Internal Audit (AIA), and Association for Bentley Activities (ABA) will be held from April 12-13!

These organizations create a lot of positive change and development on Bentley’s campus so it is important for everyone to vote in the elections for candidates who would do a great job in these student leader positions. Here is a little bit about what these leadership positions entail:

ABA Recognition Board Member:

The Recognition Board member is responsible for evaluating the sustainability of an organization and whether there is a demonstrated need on campus. Each recognition board member will specialize in an internal function in running an organization. These recognition board members will be assisting in preparing organizations for life after approval.

ABA Vice-Chair of Operations:

The role of the Vice-Chair of Operations is responsible for helping petitioning organizations through the recognition process and preparing them to be sustainable pending a recognition decision

ABA Chair:

The Chair of ABA is responsible for managing the new organization recognition process and for overseeing the board.

AIA Allocation Liaison:

Each AIA liaison is responsible for managing the budgets for a selected group of organizations. Liaisons are responsible for weighing in on the distribution of and assist in the tracking of the student activity fee. Liaisons must meet with their organizations in order to assist in purchases. From the pool of liaisons, the board will internally select a Vice Chair (who is responsible for the training of current treasurers and preparing new organizations for responsible financial management), Account Manager (managing the organizational revenue and audit process) and Secretary (responsible for taking accurate meeting minutes and writing a monthly newsletter).

AIA Chair:

The Chair of AIA is responsible for overseeing the management and distribution of the Student Activity Fee. The Chair of AIA serves as the liaison for the Campus Activities Board. The Chair is also responsible for the management of the capital rollover fund and ensuring the stability in the management of the fee.

SGA President:

Responsible for holding Tuesday meetings and scheduling speakers to come in and present about relevant topics in SGA. In addition they share responsibility of communicating through GA account and meet with advisor, faculty, staff regularly. Also, the President attends meetings with the Board of Trustees twice a semester.

Vice President:

The VP runs Thursday Meetings, facilitates and monitors senate reports and committee reports, utilizes GA account to communicate with the group, and assists in overcoming project obstacles that committees come across. Lastly, the VP works closely with SGA President.

Executive of Internal Affairs:

Takes minutes for Tuesday Meetings and notes questions from Thursday meetings. They also establish the agenda along with VP for Thursday Meetings. In addition, they are in charge of the hiring process at the beginning of each semester with the VP by holding interviews and reviewing applications. They work with the Marketing Committee Chair, keep records of senators’ attendances, handles budgeting for events, and addresses any absences issues, in addition to giving warnings to members if they are facing impeachment.


The senators listen to the students’ voices and listen to faculty and staff presentations while asking questions or providing insight. They act as liaisons between students and faculty. Senators join a focused committee within SGA as well which includes: sorting projects by priority, ability to complete, etc., working on projects by meeting with appropriate people around campus, and provides feedback and updates to the rest of SGA about ongoing projects. They also submit a senate report weekly (a statement pinpointing a comment/concern/question that students have been voicing).

Make sure to look out for new posts on the candidates running on SP&E’s instagram, snapchat, and our blog! Also make sure to look for how you can vote on Election Day (April 12-13).

We strongly believe that all Bentley students should have an input on who should be guiding campus as reliable leaders!


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