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Benefits of the Bubble

Have you been a part of a group in high school or summer camp, but felt as if your group didn’t fit in or have a voice? Here at Bentley, every voice matters. The Bentley Bubble is a space that was created for Bentley student organizations to come together as a unified group and have a safe space to grow and flourish. It’s a place where people can collaborate, bring their ideas to the table, build a stronger community, and showcase what they’re about.

  1. Why do students find this place effective?

Look around. Do you notice familiar faces on the wall? Everything in the Bubble was placed with careful thought. The walls are covered with pictures of various events around campus. The conference rooms are personalized and decorated with picture frames and trophies of different organizations. There are several boards for people to hang up flyers or posters of an upcoming event. Students are also able to fill in the white board calendar to inform others about their events. Moreover, individuals have access to the supply storage area to grab any marketing items for their organization. If there is ever a time where people don’t know what to do or who to contact, they can refer to the resource board. There are pictures and contact information of the SP&E staff members, and information on how to go about a common question. The Bubble is definitely the place to be a part of something great.

2. What time of day is the Bubble usually packed?

If you’re trying to find a seat to study or a conference room to have group or club meetings, get to the Bubble as early as possible or book a room online in advance. During the day, the Bubble tends to be quieter. Students utilize this place, as much as possible, to get their work done. Typically during peak time, which is after 5 o'clock classes, is when things become noisier. Different student organizations and clubs shuffle in and out of meetings, and there is a constant flow of people.

3. How convenient is it?

Located in the Student Center on the third floor, it is a convenient location accessible to all Bentley students. Not only is it close to the dining hall, where you can grab a quick bite to eat, but it is near the Student Program and Engagement (SP&E) office, where students can connect and engage with staff/faculty members.

How often do you use the Bentley Bubble?


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