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Service Learning Habitat Spring Break Trip

What is it? Alternative Spring Break Trip With The Bentley Service Learning and Civic Engagement Center

Spring break spent in Florida may sound like a typical destination spot, hanging at the beach and tanning in the sun. However, The Bentley Service Learning and Civic Engagement Center (BSLCE) had a different agenda planned for their time in Florida.

Bentley students went on the Alternative Spring Break trip with the BSLCE Center through Habitat for Humanity in Florida. The students traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida to work with Habitat in building homes. They worked at Habitat’s ReStore site (a group sponsored second-hand furnishings store) for one day and spent the remainder of the trip working on a home. Bentley students assisted in tasks like nailing down the roof panels, setting windows, and installing insulation.

“In my opinion, getting involved with the Service-Learning center is the best thing a Bentley student can do in their four years here,” says Charles Deichmann (‘19). “Too often, students come for their degrees, pass their classes, have some fun, do their work, and then leave without ever bothering to use their time to help others while learning,” says Deichmann (‘19). Therefore, participating in meaningful service will create a lifetime of fulfillment.

Although this service trip was in Florida, Deichmann encourages all Bentley students to participate with the BSLCE Center in the community of Waltham as well! Giving back to the community that our beautiful campus resides in is a great way to become involved and embody what Bentley is all about.

What Service Learning project have you done at Bentley or plan to do? Comment below or send us an email at to get featured on your very own post.


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