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Lipsync 2018

Lipsync is a live “So You Think You Can Dance?” competition for all the fraternities and sororities to participate. May the best Greek dancers win!

The week before spring break, Greek ACtivities Council held the annual LipSync event in the La Cava Executive Dining Room. All 8 fraternities and 3 sororities performed an original choreographed dance along with an original music mixtape where they all competed to be the winning fraternity and sorority. There were surely a lot of people to impress, with over 500 students showing up to watch and support their greek organization the EDR was filled with excited students.

LipSync was quite the Wednesday night entertainment! Phi Sigma Sigma had a Britney Spears themed dance with songs such as “Toxic”, “Oh Baby Baby”, and more. Alpha Phi had a 90’s throwback style featuring the ever so famous BackStreet Boys. Even their bright tee shirrt, ripped jeans, and hair tied in scrunchies mimicked the 90’s vibe. As for fraternities, thier dances were creative and added a little mix of every type of music.

Not only was this a great dance show, but the greek organizations were encouraged to bring canned goods to be donated to a local waltham food pantry. With the help of our philanthropic students, we totaled over 800 canned goods to be donated! Greeks were able to have fun and be entertained but also the end of the

After judges tallied up their scores the winners were announced: Sigma Chi and Alpha Phi!

Here is what a f Greek Life member had to say about this year’s LipSync:

Connor Hogan, a member of Alpha Sigma Pi and Class of 2020 said that it was a “Great event for a great cause. The dances really left me speechless”.

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