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Student Writer: SASA and Holi

My experience here at Bentley with the South Asian Student Association, more commonly known as SASA, has been colorful to say the least. The events are bold, members are bright, and opportunities for fun are limitless.

I got involved with SASA rather accidentally (a story for another day), but I became thoroughly obsessed with the club’s atmosphere instantly and eagerly applied to be on e-board the first chance I got. The decision has been one of the best I have ever made.

I was awarded the position of Public Relations Manager and I am always excited to see my fellow SASA members because every moment with them is a memorable one. The organization is comprised of such a great group of people who are open to new ideas, friendly towards strangers, and genuinely fun to be around. We accept each other when we make mistakes and help each other out whenever we can, like a family.

Even though the organization focuses on South Asian culture, the people and cultures within the club are incredibly diverse. No matter who you are, there is someone you will click with or an event you will fall in love with because there is something amazing for everybody within SASA. Everyone is encouraged to get involved whether it be behind the scenes or through attending our iconic events!

One event in particular epitomizes what SASA is about and showcases the greatness of the club: Holi. Holi is an Indian tradition that celebrates life, laughter, purity, forgiveness, meeting new people, the arrival of spring, and the like. It is nicknamed the “festival of colors” because celebrations involve throwing colored powder at each other in masses in the streets. Anyone, male or female, rich or poor, young or old, friend or foe, is fair game to be targeted with the colorful dust on this wondrous day.

The event is unforgettable; fireworks of colored powder burst through the air, people interact with those they wouldn’t otherwise, everyone is simultaneously living in the present. Imagine a water gun or food fight with your best friends, but with rainbow pigments (don’t worry the color is temporary!). The point of Holi is not caring about the mess you make or what life throws at you, but living with gratitude and maximizing simple fun. These are the values SASA revolves around —the work we do is driven by enjoyment and universal acceptance, and this is what we try to spread.


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