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February'18 Student Leader

What does it mean to be a student leader on campus? Ashley Garcia shares her perspective with the HYPE team.

Ashley Garcia (Class of 2019), is a well-rounded and ambitious student leader on Bentley’s campus and is the February Student Leader of the Month!

Ashley Garcia is involved in orgs all over campus including: the Peer 2 Peer Program, the Center for International Students and Scholars, a MOSAIC ambassador this summer and most notably Ashley is the president of La Cultura Latina. Ashley also is majoring in management with an HR concentration and a minor in accounting. She is a first generation college student and attributes her successes here at Bentley with wanting to make her parents proud by persevering.

Ashley joined La Cultura Latina her freshman year and has been apart of it ever since. Her hometown is predominantly Latina, however, when she came to Bentley she noted that there are students from everywhere around the world so it was very different than where she had grown up. Ashley calls La Cultura Latina, “a home away from home.”

As a student leader, Ashley feels as though she has had a very successful career here at Bentley so far. In high school she shares that she would have never seen herself becoming president. The position has let her grow and become more open to taking risks. Now, making decisions as a student leader is “easy peasy!”

Ashley shares that her mother has taught her a lot about what it means to be an effective leader. Her mother’s advice is that, “Everything is taught, you’re not supposed to come into a position knowing what you’re doing. It is all about growing and learning.” Ashley also adds that her mother was very proud of her saying her reaction first was, “Wow you are a president,” and then, “Wow you are a female president!!”

Some last advice from our February Student Leader of the Month: “Bentley is challenging...but being able to overcome these challenges (both academically and socially) makes me think I can overcome anything and you can too.”

Do you know somebody that deserves to be Student Leader of the Month? Let us know!


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