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CAB Comedy Show'18

Actor and comedian Wayne Brady put on a memorable show tonight leading Bentley students through one of the most engaging and hilarious shows held on campus.

The awaited annual Campus Activities Board Comedy Show featuring Wayne Brady was held on February 18th in the Multipurpose Arena. Laughs filled the arena as Wayne improvised his way throughout the whole show alongside his hype man Jonathan and the eight voluntary students joining him on stage throughout the evening.

The show started with a fast-paced, free-style rap sung by Mr. Brady himself. It revolved around words fielded by the audience, which included ‘triceratops,’ ‘ne’er-do-well,’ and the crowd favorite, ‘statement of cash flows.’ Wayne and Jonathan then dove into a unique interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood by each contributing to the story’s progression one word at a time.

Their creativity and witty humor wowed the audience, and volunteers were eager to join the next act. The two Bentley students that Wayne called to the stage were asked to supply the pair of comedians with sound effects during their next skit. The students’ attempts to keep up had the audience doubled over with laughter. It was one of the best acts of the night.

Four more students served as props in a similar act before Wayne showcased his musical talent in a song about managerial accounting. Then, he answered questions that were previously written by Bentley students. Mr. Brady ended the night with improvised covers of Sam Smith, Justin Bieber, and Prince. Students left the Bentley Arena with bright smiles after a few hours full of laughter and fun.

Wayne Brady set the bar high for future shows. Who do you hope comes to Bentley next year?

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