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Student Writer: Equestrian Team

The Bentley Equestrian Team, consisting of just nine members, is a club sport on campus that frequently competes against other regional schools.

Samantha Bowden ‘20, President of the Bentley Equestrian Team, shares her own experience with the club:

From waking up early on the weekends to staying up late planning and holding fundraisers, my team has always been by my side. Without them, my college experience would not be as great as has been thus far. My teammates are there for each other through thick and thin and there is never a day that goes by without endless support and laughs.

This team has given me a home with people I can always rely on. It has been an amazing opportunity to enrich my love for horseback riding, despite my busy college schedule. Since joining the Equestrian team at Bentley, I have greatly improved my riding ability with the help of our coach, Liz, and have moved into the highest division of college horse showing.

This team means so much to me as I have met some of my best friends who have come from all different class years and backgrounds. We are a diverse group of students who I probably would not have met without sharing the common interest in horses. It is incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by others who share the same passion for horseback riding as I do. I encourage everyone who has an interest in horses and wants to try a new sport or meet other students to join the Bentley Equestrian Team!


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