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Sorority Recruitment 2018 : Bid Day

Interested in Greek life? Want to join a sorority? Keep reading to hear all about 2018 Sorority Recruitment including quotes from graduating seniors of each sorority.

Sorority recruitment is such an exciting time for potential new members and sisters of Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, and Phi Sigma Sigma at Bentley University. This year, sorority recruitment spanned over two weekends: Jan 25th-Jan 27th and Feb 1st-3rd due to the breakout of the influenza. Nevertheless, Student Programs & Engagement along with Panhellenic Council did an outstanding job changing dates, times, and locations for the remaining parties. Aside from the reorganization, the entire two weekends ran smoothly and over 100 girls participated in the experience.

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018 marked the last day of the recruitment process and is usually the sister’s favorites as it is bid day! Bid day is when each girl rushing finds out which sorority they will become a new member of. The new girls arrived in LaCava on the second floor anxiously awaiting to open their bid envelopes. A vibrant energy and an overwhelming excitement filled the room as the new girls sat with their friends and soon to be sisters. When it was time, they reached for their envelopes, which were attached to streamers and taped from the ceiling, and opened it all at once. Hugs, cheers, and tears of happiness quickly flooded the room. The new girls were then guided to their individual chapter rooms to be united with their new sisters!

Each room was decorated with a different party theme. New members got matching shirts, took pictures with friends, ate cake, and played games with their sorority. It was such a happy celebration so many. This day marked the beginning of the new member’s Greek life experience!

Here are a few words from some graduating seniors of each sorority:

Brianna Ang, senior of Alpha Phi, reflects on bid day saying: “Having only been through recruitment as a potential new member and Rho Chi, finally getting the chance to experience bid day as a sister was truly special and exciting. Looking back on the past four years, my heart is filled with gratitude for all that Alpha Phi has given me and I hope that our new members will feel the same way someday.”

Kathryn McSweeney, senior from Gamma Phi Beta, exclaims: “Watching all the new girls come into the room excited really allowed me to reflect on my own experience with Gamma Phi. Going into my Iast semester at Bentley I am realizing the constant love and support my chapter has provided me with; I can only hope our new girls can find half of same happiness I did.”

Jasmine Lin, senior of Phi Sigma Sigma, describes her bid day: “Experiencing my last bid day was bitter sweet. It’s amazing how much Greek life has grown over these past few years. Every bid day is overwhelmingly exciting and I am so happy to be a part of such a large and welcoming community!”

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