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Super Bingo'18

Bingo isn’t just for the elderly, especially when its SUPER Bingo!

This past Thursday one of the most awaited events was finally here - Super Bingo. The Dana Center was filled with excited students ready to play against hundreds of their peers for a chance to win some crazy prizes! With a helicopter ride, iPhone X, $800 Bahamas payment, and more up for grabs, the tension in the room rose as everyone wanted to win a prize. After two hours of the crowd going wild - games were won, prizes were gone and the event came to an end with everyone leaving the night on a good note! Even those who didn’t win a prize still enjoyed the experience of playing bingo alongside their friends. Here is what some students had to say about the event:

This was my first Super Bingo at Bentley and let me tell you it was one heck of an experience!” Janeé Merritt 19’

Super Bingo always has prizes that make me want to show up and win! The entire student body comes bringing the community together over fun bingo games and the chance to walk away with some really cool prizes.” Kelly Rogers ‘20

"This event showed me how grateful I am to have just transferred here. There's a sense of community which I did not feel at my other school. I can't wait to attend more events this semester.” Madison Bilodeau ‘21

In total, Super Bingo was an exciting and rewarding night for many Falcons, even if they did not win a prize. Although not everyone walked away with a new iPhone, no one walked away empty-handed. Safe to say, we can't wait for next year's Super Bingo.

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