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APO: November 2017 Org of the Month

Congratulations to SP&E’s “December Org of the Month” Alpha Psi Omega National Theater Honor Society (APO)!

APO is Bentley’s theater organization on campus! It is a nationally renowned organization with about 50 members.

Jim Lennon (‘18), a 4 year member of APO, gives us some insight into what this org is all about. He first joined APO as a freshman here at Bentley. When he was wandering around the activities fair, he came across a table with the “theater masks” on it (comedy and tragedy masks representing genres in theater). He couldn’t believe he had stumbled upon a theater org at Bentley! Lennon had participated in a musical his senior year of high school but didn’t think he would be able to continue with his passion for the arts in college. “People come here thinking they have to give up the arts, but that’s not the case,” says Lennon. Lennon adds, “It is about the people you’re with, and if the people you’re with are enthusiastic then it will be fun.”

“If you don’t want to give up the arts or if theater isn’t even your #1 thing- this is a place for creative people that think differently than the average university student.” -Jim Lennon (‘18)

APO is Bentley’s only theater org. It is completely student-run with different business committees within it. The members of APO select the shows they want to perform and market their performances as well. With AIA’s help for funding they are able to put on a musical and play in the fall and spring respectively. Lennon shares that joining APO was the best decision he has made at Bentley. Although it is a theater org, it attracts anyone that is inclined to pursue the arts. Lennon adds that Alpha Psi Omega is for anyone that loves film, photography, makeup, costumes or any other artistic pursuits. “It encompasses so much,” says Lennon. This org is unique because it is business inclined but based in the arts.

Thoughts on winning the Org of the Month…

This was a great opportunity for APO to prove to the Bentley community that the arts are present and alive on campus. APO’s 20 new members went to a lot of events around campus in order to win the honor. “It shows that APO is dynamic and involved at Bentley,” says Lennon.


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