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Welcome Back! Spring'18

Spring into action with BentleySPEak! Here is an overview of this upcoming semester:

Welcome back to Bentley everyone. We are so excited to be back and hope you are too! Spring semester is finally kicking off and there is plenty in store for the upcoming months. Our blog has big plans for this semester from event coverage to student features to contests and more.

This semester will be full of unforgettable events so make sure you don’t miss out on reading about them on BentleySPEak. Some event posts to look forward to is Winterfest held by the Student Programs and Engagement office, Diversity Guest Speaker recap, Habits for Humanity Spring Break Trip, Admitted Students Day, and Greek Week! We are also mixing in a few videos between posts of some of the most popular annual events - LipSync and Spring Day.

BentleySPEak will also be featuring more students and organizations this semester as we have monthly student leader, student writer, and org of the month posts. Last year we had a number of orgs and students be featured including PRIDE, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Sigma Sigma and more. This is the chance to have your voice heard on the blog platform and to promote your student organization! Interested in being featured? Look out for the monthly newsletter on how to get noticed. Throughout the semester we are also planning a few special contests and promotional events around the Student Center and outside the Green Space. This means free food, promotional items, prizes and more so definitely mark them in your schedule.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out now for everything we covered last semester and keep a lookout for everything we are covering this semester!

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