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Fall Org Celebration' 2017

With over 100 organizations and clubs at Bentley, we jump at the chance to recognize their involvement and willingness to make a difference in the Bentley community. The HYPE team conducts various org challenges throughout the semester to foster engagement. Here are a couple that have been featured this semester :


Where orgs can post a picture of a past event they had and explain why it was so great in the caption and then tag our instagram account to win 450 points

Instagram a picture with your Advisor

Advisors are such an integral part of the orgs success so this challenge made them recognize their contribution by saying how helpful they are. This was worth a total of 800 points.

And so, so many more.

At the event, there were so many things to do! Notable, in room 353, there was a fall event slideshow with all the photos taken by the HYPE Live team, illustrating the most memorable events that semester. In another room, the BentleySPEak blog was showcased on the television screen.

When you wanted to just take a break, chat, and relax, there were endless amounts of food and drink such as mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, soda, and more. Orgs were also encouraged to decorate a pennant representing their org to be displayed in the Bubble, all of which turned out to be quite clever and crafty.

Additionally, marketing consulting with members from the HYPE team was offered to the Orgs, allowing them to connect on marketing plans, get tips on how to improve, and ask for general marketing advice. While all of this was fun throughout the event, the moment everyone had been waiting for was to come at the very end - the Fall Org Challenge Winner reveal! At around 6 pm, when the event was coming to a close, Liam and Roatha announced the org that accumulated the most points throughout the semester. Not only could the winners claim bragging rights, they also win 30 custom org challenge champion t-shirts! So, who was the winner of it all? Drum roll please …. Alpha Psi Omega!

Thank you to all the orgs who participated and a special congratulations to Alpha Kappa Psi! We hope you enjoy your cool new t-shirts.


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