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Diwali' 2017: Willy Wonka

“Diwali was an eye opening event where I️ learned a lot about a culture I️ previously knew nothing about.”- Kevin Henderson ‘19.

Koum was filled with family, friends, and students who were thrilled to see the South Asian dancers take the floor. The stage went black and flags started to flood the room onto the stage. Flags from all over were present tonight, an event truly for cultures as a whole, not just a highlight of one. The show had multiple dances with abstract movements that seems to flow effortlessly along with the rhythm. A form of beauty was formed when the dancers combined a cultural dance along with new music. A fusion of cultures was present this night, that allowed everyone to be entertained regardless of where you might be from. Isha Joshi says that “Diwali has been an amazing experience for me especially as freshmen liaison I've never really been apart of something like this before and so it was so rewarding to see everyone enjoying the show and all of our hard work paying off! I've learned so much along the way, and I'm so proud of what SASA accomplished!” After the amazing performance people rushed out to get in line for some amazing food. Chatter filled the room as people enjoyed the food from cultures around the world.

After the event the president of SASA, Chahiti Asarpota said “SASA's Diwali show is so much more than a bunch of performances and dances. It's where the Bentley community comes together as a family to showcase a wide variety of their talents. It's an event that fosters old and new friendship. For many of us, the Diwali show is a capstone that commemorates all the hard work we have put into the organization. It has become a tradition here at Bentley University, one that is here to stay for years to come.”


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