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PRIDE Drag Bingo

For those lucky enough to attend the second annual installment of Drag Bingo, they don’t need to be reminded of the level of energy and excitement they were subjected to. The event took place on Thursday, November 16th, and was sponsored by Bentley PRIDE and SAGE with the objective of promoting Trans Awareness Week to the Bentley community. Although the event happened in the Back Bays, normally a venue fit for some of the larger events on campus, the event was highly successful in terms of turnout, where a number of people actually had to use the floor for seating! However, the lack of seating had little effect on the dynamic and powerful atmosphere which persisted throughout the course of the event.

Although some came for the great prizes offered - such as Apple Airpods, Beats Headphones, Celtics Tickets and more - many of them stayed for the entertainment. Although PRIDE and SAGE did their part to captivate the audience, they had some help from a special guest. The event featured the famous Shangela, widely recognized from the hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race. Not only did Shangela provided the audience with hilarious commentary, she performed a singing and dancing routine to open and close the show. She even proposed the idea to give all the winners a chance to show off moves of their own with a walk down the catwalk.

Attendees left the event energized and in high spirits, after a fun filled night with laughs and prizes. Congrats to PRIDE and SAGE for sponsoring such a successful event!

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