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STU: Where to Go? Part 2

Welcome back! Now, we move on to to part two of the STU Guide; what to do. When this building was first designed, it was intended to be the hub of student involvement; 2 years later, it has exceeded expectations. Students say that this is the perfect atmosphere for any occasion because of all the different section of areas we have inside! Read on to see how you can utilize the STU this semester.



This area is mainly dedicated to student’s studying as it provides 7 large conference rooms as well as tables

2.Organization meetings

3.Living room

The Living Room is an area available for all students to use for group meeting or small discussion groups or anything needed to study. Their are 5 study rooms offered as well as new, modern chairs and couches for anyone to grab a seat and start learning.

4.Market your orgs

Events in Harry’s Pub and Living Room or tables outside of student center!


1.Harry’s Pub

Harry’s Pub offers Wednesday-Sunday programming and a lively pub-style atmosphere. Students age 21 and older can enjoy beer and wine (with a valid ID only). You can come by anytime during the day to view events and programs on the televisions or sit and enjoy a meal with friends.

2.Living Room

Whether it’s just meeting up with your friends or playing a game of Ping Pong, the Living Room offers a space to have fun and connect with your fellow classmates. It features an indoor fireplace, study rooms, a ping pong table, and two pool tables for some spur of the moment competitions.

3.Media Wall

Newly added this Fall, the Media Wall is a 9 screen media center which can be a spot to catch the Pats game or ask to plug in an X-Box and start gaming with your friends.


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