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Bigger and Better: HYPE Abroad 2017

As our last part of the “Bigger and Better” series we wanted to explore the HYPE team that is currently abroad immersing themselves on all parts of the globe. While they may be thousands of miles aways for the next few months, they are nevertheless a vital part of the team and are members that have contributed endlessly to the development of HYPE. Here are our members abroad!


Michael Legaz

HYPE Position: Team Manager

Abroad Location: Milan, Italy

Favorite memory: I’ve only been abroad for less than a month, but I already have had so many experiences that I don’t think I can pick just one. First off, learning a new city in a foreign country is a challenging, but rewarding experience. Learning the ins and outs of Milan has definitely been one of my favorite things to do. I’ve also already gone to Budapest, Hungary and Munich for Oktoberfest the past two weekends. I don’t think I can pick a favorite because they were both so unique and different in their own way, and it has been amazing to take all of it in and go on these adventures so quickly in my time abroad.


Juliana de Groot

HYPE Position: Live Team Engagement Assistant (ex-Assistant Manager)

Abroad Location: Hong Kong, China

Favorite memory: It’s early in the semester, but my favorite experience in Hong Kong so far has been visiting Lantau Island. I was able to see the Big Buddha statue there, which is the second largest in the world. Cows, which are sacred in Buddhism, roamed the temple grounds. One of them used me as a scratching post (is that good luck?). I also was able to walk down the Wisdom Path, which features splices of tall trees with calligraphic inscription of the Heart Sutra overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was beautiful and unlike anything I’ve seen in my previous travels.


Zyanna Ratansi

HYPE Position: Live Team Engagement Assistant

Abroad Location: Madrid, Spain

Favorite memory: Those who know me will tell you how much I love to try different types of food. Madrid, the vibrant city that never sleeps, is filled with food places on every street. You will never be hungry here. My favorite memory so far has been visiting Mercado San Miguel, a gourmet tapas market that showcases the multifaceted variety of Spanish cuisine. Spain is famous for its tapas, also known as appetizers or small portions of food. When I walked in, I was hit by the enticing aromas of various foods from over 30 different stalls. I passed by stalls with empanadas, oysters, bread topped with mozzarella, olives, sandwiches, churros, and so much more. I got an assortment of these foods, as I wanted to experience a full sensory feast. I will most certainly be visiting this place again.

Spain is also well-known for a dish called paella. During the first few days in Madrid, I learned how to make this dish from a local Spaniard. It may look quite difficult to make, however once all the ingredients were gathered, it wasn’t too bad. It was filled with so much flavor and seafood! Here’s a picture of the final product.


Sarah Allison

HYPE Position: Digital Engagement Assistant Manager

Abroad Location: Barcelona, Spain

Favorite memory: So far, the best memory has been being here for Catalonian National Day, September 11th, which was marked with demonstrations, parades, and gatherings all over the city. The people of the region of Catalonia, in which Barcelona is, voted to secede from Spain. Hundreds of thousands gathered in the city center and celebrated Catalonian independence, as the country government is voting in October as to whether or not the region may secede from Spain. It will be revolutionary to see the outcome of this election.


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