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STU: Where to Eat?

If there is one thing all college students have in common it is that we definitely love to eat, anytime and anywhere. The STU offers so many choices of food to satisfy any early morning or late night craving. If you’re in need of a bite to eat, head to the STU to grab some grub.

  • Argo Tea

  • Argo Tea was founded in 2003, and has quickly become a household name and leading multi-channel beverage brand dedicated to consistently delivering the highest quality products, and providing the Argo Tea Experience through the innovative and modern approach. Argo Tea’s menu includes all natural-tea based signature drinks, over thirty varieties of loose-leaf teas, organic coffee, fresh-baked pastries and specialty foods, and a selection of teaware and accessories. Argo Tea is now present in over 40 locations across the United States and six in the Middle East

  • Russo’s

  • Opened in February 2015! Your gourmet deli featuring Thummann's quality, all-natural meats and cheeses as well as Cambridge's very own Iggy's breads, and produce from Russo's of Watertown. We make our own vinaigrettes and aoili, too!

  • 921

  • Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We are proud to offer a dining program complete with signature brands and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine. Just feast your eyes on what we have available! Featuring a wide variety of fresh food designed to satisfy everyone's appetite with food choices to rival your favorite restaurants

  • Mongolian Grill

  • A made-to-order, Asian-inspired sir-fry station. Watch our chefs create your meal in the open kitchen, then add your own sauce and toppings.

  • Meinbowl

  • Specializing in Chinese favorites with authentic flavor, Mein Bowl is nearby and ready when you are. Stop in for lunch, or grab dinner to go.

  • You pick two delicious entrees like Sweet and Sour Shrimp and Kung Pao Chicken, plus your choice of our lo mein noodles, rice or fried rice. With "just prepared" cooking techniques and authentic flavor, a delicious Chinese meal is yours with ease


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