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October'17 Student Leader of the Month

Accomplished, well-rounded and engaged. We believe that is an accurate description of October’s student leader of the month, Juan Quiroga Vargas.

Juan is currently a senior at Bentley University, pursuing an honors degree in Corporate Finance with a second liberal studies major in Global Perspectives. Juan is on the Bentley Swim and Dive Team, a Resident Assistant for the Global Living Center, a tutor in The Center for Languages and International Collaboration, as well as an International Peer Adviser.

As a peer advisor, he is the first line of contact that international students have at Bentley. He serves as resource and mentor to the hundreds of international undergraduates. Throughout this role he also welcomes students when they arrive at Bentley, and ensures that they are able to adjust and assimilate well. Juan takes on the important task of marketing to international students, making sure they feel at home at Bentley! Through his involvement as a peer advisor her has become an integral part of the experience internationals have at our university. As a Resident Assistant for the Global Living Center, Juan mentioned that he loves being there for his residents, whether it be answering any questions they have or just hearing stories about their everyday lives. Being able to hear people's stories and share his has made him a better team player and introduced him to the value of teamwork. It was interesting to hear Juan’s key takeaway about the importance people play in reaching success. Having the right attitude is also key in any situation related to leadership and success - something we have all been learning, here at Bentley.

Which year did he thrive? Juan zealously described his sophomore year as the proudest yet the hardest. He extended himself in every department sophomore year by joining The Bentley Swim and Dive Team , becoming an International Peer Adviser, and becoming an RA. All his hard work paid off, when he received The Falcon Award at the end of the year! The Student Involvement award is given to a single student in Bentley who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and improvement through different organizations and activities. The awarded student must have contributed to the improvement of the Bentley community throughout the year whilst maintaining excellent academic results.

Looking into the future, Juan believes his leadership roles have provided him with an in depth understanding of collaboration, creativity, and learning to work in diverse environments. He says to be resourceful and to capitalize on the opportunities available. How you can collaborate in all types of environments is a true test for anything. Juan says that his life after Bentley will surely involve many of the skills and lessons he has learned throughout his leadership roles here.

Need some advice from the student leader of the month? Juan’s advice to others is to stay open minded. Don't go into Bentley with preconceived notions or a lack of willingness to get involved. Don't be afraid to be involved in things, especially if they are out of your comfort zone. Juan eloquently noted that real learning occurs when you have surpassed your comfort zone. Once you have experienced everything you can, find your passions and make the most out of them.

On behalf of the HYPE team, we want to thank Juan for everything he has done to make Bentley a better place!


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