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Homecoming King and Queen'2017

Congratulations to this year’s Homecoming King, Carlos Gutierrez, and Queen, Katie Kippley! These two seniors have really had a full circle experience during their time at Bentley. Carlos and Katie first met each other at orientation freshmen year and three years later they were campaigning for Homecoming Royalty together.

A little bit about our 2017 Homecoming King~

Carlos is a senior with a Marketing major and a minor in Gender Studies. He is the Senior Vice President of the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and works for TNT as a program coordinator. Carlos is from Honduras along with his brother, who was also a Bentley graduate AND 2014 Bentley Homecoming King (ROYAL blood). Carlos says he wanted to “bring the crown back home” to carry on the legacy. When Carlos first came to Bentley, he was not familiar with what homecoming was.

Now introducing our Homecoming Queen...

Katie is a senior with a major in Accounting and hails from Long Island NY. Queen Katie is the President of Craze hip-hop dance team on campus, as well as a student ambassador/tour guide, and a two-time orientation leader.

What does the Homecoming Royalty love about Bentley?

Carlos was a former tour guide on campus and would tell families at the end of tours, “Business can be black and white...but Bentley is black and white with a twist.” That special twist, Carlos shares, is the Bentley community and all of the friendships and unique majors offered. Katie claims that she loves the balance and she can do everything she loves, while doing well in school and never feeling restricted.

Words of Wisdom from our King and Queen:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, Bentley students get worked up about little things but there are so many paths to take, so focus on the big picture,” says Katie Kippley, while Carlos adds, “Make sure to study hard for GB’s!!!”

Proud to be ~Royal~

Katie and Carlos both agree that is was amazing to stand in the middle of the football field together after having first met, and salsa danced, together at freshman orientation! “It was the perfect way to end my last year at Bentley,” says King Carlos. Katie shared that it made her realize her impact on campus when people she hadn’t spoken to in awhile would come up to her around campus and say, “Hey, I voted for you!” Both the King and Queen agree it also means a lot to see alumni come back to Bentley Homecoming to celebrate our school. Katie declares that, “It was amazing to be so involved in the day and see why homecoming is what it is: to celebrate spirit and embrace what it means to be a Bentley student.”

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