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Student Writer: Phi Sigma Sigma

96 Sisters & 1 Family

I think it can be said that due to social media, films, and national news, Greek Life in general has typically been looked down upon. Coming into Bentley I didn’t expect to join a sorority, but I quickly got looped into it by my now best friends and sisters.

For those of you who don’t know, Phi Sigma Sigma is one of the three sororities here on campus along with Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Phi. All three are great organizations and I definitely recommend getting to know them all to find your perfect fit. If you don’t, we do have another sorority coming onto campus soon where you will have the opportunity to create your own home!

To give you a better idea of what Phi Sig is like and the values it holds, some of our sisters wanted to share their experiences in Phi Sig thus far. We asked what Phi Sig means to Lizzie Dietz, a member of our Executive Board, and she said, “Phi Sig, to me, is the opportunity to lead, give back to others, and find my forever friends. ​This organization has given me a support system unlike any other, and has allowed me to grow into the person I am today.” I think one aspect that stands out about Phi Sig is how seriously we take the word “sisterhood”. Through it, we have been able to find lifelong friends who we are now able to count on for not only these four years but for many more. We now have sisters to fall back on, friends to hang out with all over campus, and an extensive network to reach out to during our internship and job search.

When asked the same question, our president, Taylor Senecal, she replied, “Phi Sig is my definition of a home away from home proving that the word ‘home’ is not a place, but rather a feeling. I am truly humbled to represent this group of strong and daring girls that make me proud to be a Phi Sig every single day.” With Taylor as our president, one of our organization’s goals this year has been to dissolve the negative impressions casted on Greek Life through encouraging even stronger relations with fellow Greek members and non-Greek organizations by showing our support campus-wide. On SP&E’s September newsletter, Phi Sig was recognized as the Org of the Month as well as the top point holder against all other clubs and organizations due to actively participating in SP&E events such as Activities Fair, Day of Service, and National hazing Awareness Week. It is our sister’s continual passion and commitment that has brought us this much success and recognition.

One of our newest E-board positions is Philanthropy and it is a position that all of our members keep close to their hearts. Our current Philanthropy chair, Allison Coon, said, "I love being a part of Phi Sig because we are so interested in service, and are bringing awareness to our philanthropy, School and College Readiness, which oftentimes doesn't get a lot of recognition on campus. It's something that so many students can relate to so I'm really excited to see how students react to our upcoming philanthropy events." As students, we all understand the value of education and how blessed we are to attend Bentley University. Phi Sig takes the time to give back to those who are less fortunate in order to give them a fighting chance to continue their education and one day have the opportunity to attend a school as academically rigorous and rewarding as Bentley.


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