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STU: Where to Go? Part 1

The recently renovated Student Center is the go-to place for anything you find yourself in need of!

Need a quiet place to study? The chic study rooms provide the right environment to get that work done. Spiritual center to ease your thoughts? It has that too. Name it and the Bentley Student Center has it.

Whether you want to hang out with friends, grab a bite to eat, have a group meeting, or visit the HYPE office (no seriously, come say hi!), this is where you want to be.

This post is Part One and will be covering all of the offices and spaces the Student Center has to offer, in order to foster student awareness. Each area serves a separate purpose and appeals to a variety of different students on campus and they all play a significant role in the experience of a Bentley student.

So, if you’re looking for new places to explore on campus and see what else Bentley has to offer, we have a couple of places to get you started!

  • Spiritual Life Center - Rooms 325 and 335

What roles do spirituality and religion play in a business school? Explore the activities of the Spiritual Life Center to find out. We offer advisers from the Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant faiths, as well as resources for those who are atheist or agnostic. Our advisers aim to challenge your thinking, assist you in developing a truly human perspective, and providing a framework and foundation for the rest of your life.

The Sacred Space is an important area to the Spiritual Life center as it is where the students dedicate their prayers and religious services throughout the year. It is designed to host interfaith worship or prayer and facilitate a focus on the spiritual life. Organized worship services and meditations are held regularly, and all are welcome to use the space for quiet reflection, prayer or solitude. An ablutions room is available for Muslim Observances.

  • Multicultural Center- Room 310

Here they promote cultural awareness, knowledge, and inquiry, for students to gain the skills to learn more about their personal identity and appreciate the uniqueness of others. In order to do so they develop innovative programs that promote inclusion and diversity in all aspects of the student experience.

Quincy Giles, an Economics-Finance major and Varsity football player recalls how he has benefited from being involved with the Multicultural Center by saying “Bentley University has helped develop my professional skills and corporate etiquette needed to become employed by firms I am interested in working after college. The MCC gave me an opportunity to not only earn an internship with a Fortune 500 company, but has also connected me with a firm I may potentially work full time.”


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