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First Football Game

Spirits were high on September 5th, 2017, it was the first Friday night football game of the year. To kick off the celebration, the tailgate was packed with students, athletes, parents, and alumni, all eagerly heading down to the lower green space.

Loud music, good food and the Bentley vibe - it was the perfect way to kick off the Fall 2017 semester. We were on our home turf and voices soared over the crowd, with the energy flowing to the tireless football players. The football team has been preparing for the season since August 9th with an intense training sessions before the beginning of the school year. All of their work was soon to be paid off in this riveting game against their competitor, St. Anslem.

And now for the highlights of the game -

Score at halftime: 24 - 7

Final score: 50 - 13

Number of touchdowns: 7

Athletes that scored touchdowns: Drew Mahoney #1 twice

Austin Ryan #83 twice

Andrew brisiki #34

Mack Lowrie #12

Athletes that scored:

Safety - Joey Picnik #28

Kicker- Grant Buchanan #47

We got to watch our team flaunt their Bentley gear, while soaking in the love from the crowd. The bleachers were painted in the blue we all know and love and the Bentley spirit permeated throughout the night, growing with every point scored.​​

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