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Destination Bentley 2017


​SP&E Coffee & Donuts

To kick off BentleySPEak’s Blog Launch, SP&E gave out coffee & donuts outside the Student Center as students headed to class! Free food & a hot cup of coffee? Those 8am classes just got a lot more interesting. Speaking of - don’t forget to check out for our new blog posts every Tuesday and Friday!


TNT Senior Pub Night

Class of 2018, here we go. Seniors gathered in the Pub to celebrate the start of senior year! The night was filled with great music, good food, and group photos. They even had their own photobooth and free beer tickets!


Fraternity and Sorority Life Ice Cream Social

The Greek Activities Council spearheaded a new event called Fall For Greek Life to be a part of Destination Bentley. To kick it off, they first held the Fraternity and Sorority Life Ice Cream Social for those interested in Greek Life to get a chance to meet members of Bentley’s Greek community. Students were able chat with brothers and sisters while enjoying some delicious ice cream sundaes and music by Jack Clavette. ​


Activities Fair

Hundreds of students headed to the lacrosse turf to learn about all the clubs and organizations on campus. Over 100 student orgs were represented and the day was an absolute success! Students got the chance to learn about the orgs, meet their members, and sign up if they were interested. ​


TNT Kickoff

Later that night, Today N’ Tonight, also known as TNT, had their big kickoff event. From watermelon carving, to puzzle painting, karaoke and designing phone cases, the Student Center was filled with activities for everyone. The night was spent with good laughs and great company.


Fraternity and Sorority Life Day of Service

As another event for Fall For Greek Life, GAC sponsored a Fraternity and Sorority Life Day of Service to showcase the importance of philanthropy in Greek core values. Over 100 students volunteered to spend their Saturday afternoon at the Waltham Housing Authority projects. Their main goal was to make this community a better place for the people living there. They painted curbs, house edges, weeded areas, planted flowers, cut down branches, picked up trash and more. After a few hours of hard work, the community looked better than ever and it was all thanks to the volunteers! Oh and did I mention that the volunteers got free breakfast on the green space and a cool new shirt? The event was surely a success.



As one of the biggest events of the year, Summerfest was a hit. They had everything and anything you could imagine. From s'mores, to food trucks, to laser tag, to a beach play pit, to a trampoline, to hammocks, to bouncy houses and more, there really was a little bit of everything to enjoy. HYPE even gave out free frisbees and sunglasses throughout the night. This was an event you didn’t want to miss.


TNT Summer Beer Flights

Students over the age of 21 were able to enjoy some cold beer in the Pub later that Saturday night. It was the perfect way to relax, chat with friends, and enjoy a brew.


BacktoBentley Concert

The weekend ended with CAB’s Back2Bentley Concert: Lil’Dicky! Students danced the night away to some of his top hits. The performance was great; it was truly an unforgettable night!


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