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Club Sports @ Bentley Part III - Hockey

HYPE recently sat down with Bentley Club Hockey’s president Shawn Ray and player Bryan Sweeney, to learn more about the recently recognized team.


Can you give a brief description of what the club entails?

The Bentley Club Hockey team is a student run club hockey team that has been officially recognized as an organization on campus this year. In addition, our team will also be an associate member of the Northeast Collegiate Hockey Association for the 2016-2017 season.

How often are your practices?

We practice once a week on Wednesdays at 10 or 11pm at the Veterans Memorial Rink in Waltham.

How often do you compete?

We compete on the weekends at the Veterans Memorial Rink in Waltham against various other colleges such as Harvard, Rhode Island College, UNH, Dartmouth, Brown, Babson, UVM, and Norwich.

Has your team had any notable accomplishments?

As a newly recognized club sport organization at Bentley Unviersity we have recently became an associate member for the Northeast Collegiate Hockey Association. Furthermore, another accomplishment we achieved is when we won the Oktoberfest Cup at Babson College last year.

What is the team chemistry like? (i.e. very serious, laid back, etc.)

Our team becomes very serious during games when we are competing. Otherwise, we are very laid back and like to hang out with one another as friends and teammates.

How can people get involved?

Tryouts are every year in September for new members to join. There is also the activity fair where a lot of people come and learn about the club. Additionally, we also have a couple of people who help out who actually are not on the team, so we are hoping to expand on that. We are also trying to gain support which helps when students come to our games. You can also follow us on Instagram @BentleyClubHockey and Twitter @BentleyClubPuck to find out the latest news. If you want to learn more you can email us at

How do team members balance sports and work?

We only have practice once a week and games on the weekends so the time commitment is not too strenuous. We have a firm belief of academics first so if a team member needs to miss a practice for academics, it is understandable.

Are you involved in anything else on campus?

Shawn Ray is also the President of Bentley Club Golf and Bryan Sweeney was an Orientation Leader this past semester.


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