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An Insight into "TNT"

TNT, short for Today ‘N Tonight is a student run staff organization that provides various day and night time programming throughout Bentley’s hub, the Student Center. Its mission is to create meaningful experiences and build community among students through fun, interactive, and diverse programs. TNT is comprised of four different committees, each having a different focus for their programming. The committees are as follows: Entertainment, Falcons Unite, Flex Programs, and Harry’s Pub.

The Entertainment committee focuses on programs that are performance-based, recreational, and engaging, which are found on both the Green Space and in the Student Center. Some of Entertainment’s programs include the petting zoo, cultural potluck, flag festival, and open mic nights. Moreover, Falcons Unite focuses on late night Friday and Saturday substance-free programming to provide students with other options to spend their weekend nights. Students can partake in monthly bingos, bumper cars, jeopardies and other game shows. Furthermore, Flex Programs advance the student experience on campus by offering new opportunities for engagement through collaboration with campus connections. Flex’s signature program is their semesterly Rest & Distress.

They have also started a DIY Mini Series. Lastly, Harry’s Pub focuses on programming in Harry’s Pub from Wednesday through Sunday. Programs vary from trivia on Wednesday, student org nights on Thursday, birthday bashes, and karaoke events.

As said by Nina Thirakoune , a member of TNT (class of 2018): “I know it sounds cheesy, but I’m always excited for TNT events. We’re in the midst of putting together our programming calendar for next semester. Traditionally, we will have bigger programming around Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate those holidays. I am also hoping that we bring back Winterfest and the Block Party.”

Stay tuned for more details with upcoming events for next semester!


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