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Caribbean Ancestry Student Organization

There’s a new org on campus! The Caribbean Ancestry Student Organization is the latest addition to the Bentley community. This week, the HYPE team got the chance to interview Samita Nath (Class of 2018), the president of CASA, to get more insight into the Caribbean culture and what the org is all about. “The Caribbean Culture encompasses over 700 islands that represent different countries and cultures. The Caribbean Culture is infused with Spanish, Indian, and African descent, which can be seen through the different foods and music. We hope to incorporate this into our organization through different events we have planned in the future,” Samita explained. There are a lot of fun ways they are planning to share this culture with the Bentley community, through events like a movie night, where club members plan to show an old fashioned Caribbean movie explaining Caribbean values and morals many members were taught as kids. They also have a Caribbean fashion show planned, as well as ‘Jouvay’ a festival where everyone throws powder on each other -something we all should definitely look out for.

Samita told us that she personally wanted to start the organization because as a student of both Caribbean and Indian background, she was missing the joy of participating in events that helped fully illustrate and represent who she was to her fellow classmates. Samita and her team hope to engage students from different backgrounds to create a space where they can share and teach their culture as well as learn about other cultures.

CASA is currently holding interviews for their e-board, so if you’re interested in the positions of Treasurer, Marketing Director, Events Coordinator or Freshman Liaison, contact Samita Nath (President) , Shantille Green (Vice President) or Kymar Stewart (Secretary).

Interested in joining?

Email for more information! Share SP&E’s excitement in welcoming CASA to the Bentley community and watch out for their upcoming events!

Do you have your own student organization idea? Email to learn more about the process and to get started before the end of the year.

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