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Winter Welcome Back '16

The Spring Semester is finally here; we’re all excited about the beginning of our five-month journey. Our early expectations were more than met with Bentley’s Winter Welcome Back Weekend, which was packed with fun events that reminded students of why they were so excited to come back to college!

Activity Fair

There was no better way to start than the semester than with the Activity Fair, where students got the chance to sign up for new and exciting clubs and organizations. The student center was filled with enthusiastic students walking from table to table learning about clubs and snagging a few free mugs and winter gloves while they were at it.

Winter Leadership Institute

Next came the Winter Leadership Institute, where the keynote speaker was Rick Miller, a Bentley alumnus who passed on his words of wisdom to the future Bentley graduates – “Power is never given, it’s only taken. Take it,” he said, which I think was the perfect thing to say to Bentley students because it’s something we all understand too well, isn’t it? We work hard, slogging through all those GB classes to finally have power in the world of business one day.

Rick Miller did a great job engaging all of the students. All participants were given a folder with pertinent materials; one such item was a four way venn-diagram “roadmap” to help discover their individual strengths. He went on to explain that anyone could be a chief- “Real chiefs are present, accepting, grateful, generous, and can still be people”.

He shared a personal story of Joe Tringale, an important member of the Bentley soccer team. Joe Tringale earned a special jersey due to his ability to engage so well with the team, not necessarily as the best player. Rather, he was able to bring the team together in a special way and boost their spirits to win the games in a manner no other player was able to accomplish. The story captured the true meaning of being chief while truly captivating all the students in the audience. I think the fact that he has been through things we are currently facing at Bentley, caused all the students to relate to him more and truly appreciate what he was trying to convey.

Jenny Seuling (class of 2019) got the chance to interview Rick Miller after the event and when she asked him if he believed Bentley had prepared him for the future, his answer was an instant and firm ‘most definitely’. His words could make us reflect on our time here at Bentley. Some of us are almost done with our journey and some of us are just beginning, but at the end of the day, we are all moving along the same path to success.

CAB’s Comedy Show

Week 1 back at Bentley ended with CAB’s Comedy Show. The snow didn’t stop the students from rushing into the Dana Center to be consumed by laughter, courtesy of comedians Craig Robinson, Chris Distefano and Nick Swardson! When Craig Robinson started playing the piano, the audience burst out in laughter and couldn’t stop. It was the perfect way to end the week. After talking to a few students who attended the event, they all agreed that the way the lights and stage were set up made it the perfect atmosphere to appreciate every joke and enjoy the entire show!

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