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Bentley Mania ‘ 15

For the first time, Mania took over the Dana Center right here at Bentley University. There was talk about different DJ’s, fire breathers and acrobats all over campus but students still didn’t know what exactly to expect. As Halloween weekend approached, the apprehensiveness transformed into excitement. “


Don’t forget to go onto mybentley and get your ticket” was the murmur going around the community from one friend to the other. When the day finally came, our campus was crawling with excited students in all sorts of unique costumes rushing towards lower campus. Once they walked through those doors, they witnessed something that had never occurred before in the Dana Center. The music was loud and energetic and students were certainly feeling the music, as they moved with the beat and waved their neon glow sticks. A couple of students spoke about how beautiful the entire gym was as well as how engaging the whole event was. (Rivaling Spring Day as one of the most engaging programs of the year!) Jim Lennon, a sophomore from our very own HYPE team was in awe of the whole show. "The show was incredible” he beamed. It certainly was a great first Halloween to attend at Bentley University and just the start of a long list of great events to come! Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Did you miss the first ever show with acrobats in the Dana Center?

Clearly, you wouldn’t want to miss the next one! A special shout out to all the CAB members who made the event so special and memorable! Bentley certainly did outdo itself. Look forward to more posts about exciting Bentley Events!

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