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To my fellow classmates of 2022. My name is Branford Kanagawa and I am running for a position in the Junior Class Cabinet. As a previous member of the Sophomore Class Cabinet, I learned a lot about trying to support our class through various programming events, and I plan on implementing what I learned to improve our events for this next year. My goal is to create an open, caring community through social and academic events. I will always be receptive to the student body needs and desires. Thank you and vote for Branford Kanagawa for Junior Class Cabinet.


Candidate for Junior Class Cabinet Member

My name is Rebecca Hayes and I am applying for a position on Junior Class Cabinet. I have been a member of Class Cabinet both in freshman and sophomore year. I am also currently a Senator of SGA and the Philanthropy chair of Italian Society. One issue that I have face in my time in Class CAB is making events that students will participate in and stay for. Having people show up is only half the battle. With my experience, I feel I can better help gain retention at the events we host. The overall goal is to provide students with ways to both relax and to socialize with friends and other members of the Bentley Community. I am passionate about getting students out of their rooms because I believe what makes college so memorable is the time spent with the people you meet. I want to remain part of a team that is committed to fostering a sense of community within class years, and I feel I have plenty of experience to help me further this goal.

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