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Updated as of March 23, 2020

Visit Bentley's COVID-19 site for more information from the University.

FAQs for Students
Student Org Information

Our office is committed to guiding you and your group through next steps (whether that be cancelling, adjusting, or rescheduling events) and we are just as committed to listening to your concerns and helping to get your questions answered.

Beyond these commitments, we also want to be a resource to your group in reframing your plans for the semester in ways that still allow you to achieve success. Your group’s contributions to Bentley are an important element of cultivating a culture of engagement and belonging on campus, and the SP&E staff is here to fully support you and your efforts.

We ask you to complete the following steps in order to move forward:

Cancelling, Adjusting, or Rescheduling Events – Required

Student organizations who were planning to hold any events through the remainder of the semester must either cancel, reschedule, or make adjustments to those events. Please indicate your preference here by submitting a separate form for each event.

  • Event Cancellations – We have attached guidelines for how to manage event cancellations and how our office can help. We want to take as much of this work off of your plate as possible.

  • Event Adjustments – Attached to this document you will find steps for utilizing Zoom to make meetings or events virtual. You can also refer to tips on how to make Zoom meetings effective here. Individuals listed under Staff Contacts can assist with adjusting your program or event in these and other ways.

  • Event Rescheduling – If you would like to reschedule your program, please reach out to the respective staff member under Staff Contact below who can support you in this process.

Please know that our staff are here to support your organization’s needs during this time. We will work on cancellations, adjustments, and rescheduling requests using a process that prioritizes a balance of both chronological order (events slated to happen soonest) with potential impact (events with larger expected attendance or financial implications).

Funding & Contract Implications

We also wanted you to know that AIA policy states that any financial impact on an event (including cancellation) that occurs as a result of factors outside of an organization’s control, will be financially supported by AIA. No organization or its members will be left on the hook for anything AIA has previously agreed to fund. Please be in touch with to ensure any purchases already made that require reimbursement are in fact reimbursed and that services previously rendered by vendors are paid.

That being said, we expect all organizations to refrain from pursuing new contracts, or advancing existing contracts that have not yet been fully signed, in addition to refraining from any personal purchases for events that have been cancelled, without communication and approval from our office. In the event you have a fully signed contract for an event, our office recommends you work with vendors to see if they will allow you to cancel at no cost, or at least give you a credit for a future event. Please email to touch base about current or future contracts.

Staff Contacts
If you have questions about how these expectations may apply to your organization’s event or planned travel, please reach out to a staff member in our office.

  • Student organizations: Alexa Erb (, Program Coordinator for Student Involvement

  • Club sports teams: Riley Fickett (, Assistant Director, Student Programs & Engagement

  • Fraternities & sororities: Matt Galewski (, Associate Director, Student Programs & Engagement, or Nick Poling (, Graduate Assistant, Fraternity & Sorority Life

Engagement Philosophy Forthcoming

Our department understands the significant impact these new policies have on the experiences of student organizations. We are working not only to support event cancellations, adjustments, and rescheduling during this time, but also to develop a philosophy for student engagement in an environment where we cannot hold large-scale events. As a community that thrives on connection, we are considering questions such as “What is fair to expect from student organizations?” and “What do student organizations need from us?” What programs, events or traditions do we not want to cancel or postpone – but might need to adjust? This could include things like the Org Challenge, SPEak Awards, and Greek Week. In the near future, our office plans to send an update with details on what we believe will make for a successful (and safe) semester for engagement, given these new policies. Any feedback or thoughts you have on this topic can be shared here.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and diligence in meeting these new expectations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. In accordance with University guidance, we will look to schedule phone calls or Zoom meetings to discuss any questions or concerns if you would like. Again, we are here for you.

New AIA Deadlines

2020-2021 AIA budgets are now due by Saturday, March 28. Budgets must be sent in by org advisors to the correct AIA liaison. 

Upcoming Event Cancellations, Adjustments, and Postponements
As Bentley has prohibited events with gatherings of 50 people or more, this list below indicates only those orgs that have confirmed with SP&E through our event submission form that the events have been postponed. Bentley has prohibited all gatherings of 50 people or more. Some student organizations may decide to alter events that were planned for over 50 to comply with the new policy. Alternatively, we anticipate many organizations will cancel their events. We will regularly update the list below, which contains only those student organization events that groups have confirmed are fully cancelled (not being altered or postponed to later this semester).


Cancellations (Event Host, Event Title, Initial Date)

Adamian Law Club – Legal Networking Night, 3/31/20

Alpha Psi Omega – Arts Fest, 3/20/20

Beta Alpha Psi – Community Service Event, 3/17/20

Beta Alpha Psi – CPA Exam Information & Workshop, 3/24/20

Beta Alpha Psi – Grad Program Directors - Grad Program Offerings, 4/1/20

Beta Alpha Psi – Wiley CMA Presentation, 4/7/20

Beta Alpha Psi – Community Service Event, 4/8/20

Hillel – Purim Dinner, 3/19/20

International Student Association – Festival of Colors, 3/28/20

Men's Rugby, 3/21/20

Men's Rugby, 4/11/20


All events and games requiring off-campus travel have been cancelled at this time.


Adjusted Events - Held Remotely (Event Host, Event Title, Initial Date, Adjustment Information)

Africana Student Association – Africa 360, 3/26/20                                       Adustments TBD

Africana Student Association – End of Year Cookout                                   Adjustments TBD

Africana Student Association –  Successful African Alumni Panel               Adjustments TBD


Postponed Events (Event Host, Event Title, Initial Date, Postponed Date, if applicable)

FSL Composite Session, 3/16/20

FSL Information

Dear members of Fraternity & Sorority Life,


As a follow up to the University’s recent communication regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to reach out to you regarding the impact of the University’s new guidance on our FSL community. We are aware that this decision has specific implications for Greek Life, and we are reaching out to address these new policies with you along with our expectations during this time, and beyond. Throughout the following areas that will be effected, we are being mindful of how we can best support an FSL experience while still maintaining compliance with these new policies, whether this is through increased virtual work, online fundraising, or other methods.


The New Member Education Process

We will be working with presidents and new member educators to continue new member education. This change reflects the advice and recommendations of many national organizations, the North American InterFraternity Conference (NIC), as well as National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).


To update your new member education schedule, your new member educator should email



We understand that the cancellation of events scheduled for the remainder of the semester affects many important chapter functions. This includes chapter meetings, pinnings, formals, philanthropy events, and more. The FSL community does outstanding work through campus programming, and are committed to keeping these values front of mind when working with chapters to adjust current plans. We also recognize that this programming is not possible without communication through chapter meetings. We have attached step-by-step guidance on how to utilize Zoom to hold chapter meetings and philanthropy events in ways that comply with these new policies. Further, we have sent all student organizations via their GA accounts and E-Board members, including chapters and councils, a detailed email regarding event and travel cancellation, adjustments, and postponements.


Our office is committed to guiding you and your chapter through next steps (whether that be cancelling, adjusting, or rescheduling events or meetings to comply with the new policies) and we are just as committed to listening to your concerns and helping to get your questions answered.


While these new policies affect all planned events, we wanted to highlight some specific programs we are aware of that will not be able to proceed as originally intended. We also know there are many other chapter-specific programs planned for this semester. If they would not comply with the University’s new policies, they need to be cancelled, adjusted, or postponed. A few that come to mind include:

o   Lip Sync, which was scheduled for March 28 in the Bentley Arena. We could certainly look at altering this program, in conjunction with GAC, in ways that might include live streaming or other adjustments, to comply with the new policies.

o   Greek Week, which was scheduled for the first week in April. We are happy to explore with GAC what a virtual Greek Week might look like.

o   Chapter pinnings and formals. We understand sororities may have already paid deposits to venues, and we encourage you to work with the venues, your advisors and HQ on ways you might be able to recover those funds or perhaps receive a credit for a future event. We also recognize that the University has previously committed to co-sponsoring bus travel to these events. Please be in touch as soon as possible with bus vendors to cancel your buses. If the bus vendor will not allow you to cancel without some sort of financial impact, please let us know. We will support you through these conversations and will honor our financial commitments for these trips.

o   Composite Photos. Please ensure that you reach out to your composite service vendor and alert them of these updates. We will evaluate the ability to reschedule these sessions moving forward.


Similar to extending the new member process, many HQs, the NIC, and NPC have issued messages that support these recommendations.


If you have questions about any planned events, please email



We recognize that these new policies will impact what elements of the Standards Program chapters can actually comply with. Moving forward, we will be working to adjust Standards requirements accordingly, so that chapters have a fair opportunity for success. More information will be sent out soon.


While the new policies are likely disappointing, please bear in mind that these decisions are made in the best interest of student health and safety. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please direct your concerns to your chapter president, whom we will be working with moving forward as we adjust plans. We hope you all have a great remainder of your break. Safe travels and stay healthy.




Last Updated: 3/23/20 3:06pm



Bentley Chamber Orchestra – Concert, 3/21/20

CAB – March Madness Viewing Parties, 4/6/20 & 4/8/20

CAB – Red Sox Game, 4/17/20

Club Volleyball Nationals, 4/8/20

Dance Team Nationals, 4/7/20

Delta Sigma Pi – Banquet, 3/27/20

Equestrian Team – Horseshow, 3/7/20

Equestrian Team – Regionals, 3/28/20

Equestrian Team – Finals, 4/4/20

Gamma Phi Beta – Pinning, 3/28/20

Habitat for Humanity Builds (Ashburnham & Andover), 3/21/20

International Student Association – Newport Trip, 4/11/20

Men’s Rugby Tournaments

Men’s Ultimate Society Tourmanents

PRIDE – P-Town Trip, 4/11/20

Senior Class Cabinet – Red Sox Game, 4/17/20

Commencement Ball, 5/8/20

Senior Boat Cruise, 4/4/20

SP&E & Valente Center – BSO Concert, 4/18/20

Triathalon Nationals, 4/1/20

Women’s Ultimate Sectionals & Tournament





Delta Sigma Pi Initiation – postponed until 9/3/20 (this was under adjustment)

BASA Asian Culture Gala 4/4/20, postponed until 4/3/21 (this may already be on the website)

Bentley Republicans – Speaker, 4/20/20 – postponed until fall

Delta Sigma Pi Banquet, 3/27/20 – postponed until fall date TBD

La Societa Italiana di Bentley – Taste of Italy, 4/19/20 – postponed until spring 2021



Bentley Leadership Society – Learn to Lead with David Allen, 3/24/20                  Adjustments TBD

Collegs Against Cancer – Relay for Life, 3/27/20                                                      Adjustments TBD

Delta Sigma Pi – Initiation, 3/26/20                                                                            Adjustments TBD

Young Arab Leadership Association – Soccer Tournament, 3/27/20                       Adjustments TBD                      

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