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AIA Candidates

Candidate for Allocation & Internal Audit Committee Allocation Liaison

I have always been interested in money and the flow of it through society. It started with me being treasurer in middle school. I have experience handling money and budgeting. Being in multiple eboard positions freshman year I realized Bentley's allocation of money was both a hard and very important task. I believe that I am a great candidate to aid in the allocation of funds.


Candidate for Allocation & Internal Audit Committee Allocation Liaison

Hello! My name is Samantha Duong, I am a rising sophomore, and I am running for the position of AIA liaison. As a numbers-oriented person, I feel that I am qualified for this position. I am also highly organized and have had experience working with Excel. I plan on majoring in Accounting, and this would be a great opportunity for me to apply my auditing knowledge and skills. Selecting me as one of your AIA liaisons would ensure that the student activity fund is wisely managed. I also enjoy helping people and working with others to achieve their goals. Thus, I will work hard to meet the financial needs of your organization while ensuring proper use of funds. I hope you will support me as one of your AIA liaisons. Thank you!


Candidate for Allocation & Internal Audit Committee Allocation Liaison

My name is Jona Gagani and I am asking for your support in electing me as one of your next Allocation and Internal Audit Committee liaisons. I am currently a first-year student at Bentley University majoring in Corporate Finance and Accounting. I have had many opportunities in the past that have shaped my current skill sets and values. One of such experiences was my time at Lulu Cake Boutique, where I worked as a customer service representative. My responsibilities consisted of managing the cash register as well as doing the bookkeeping for standard and major cake orders that ranged up to $1000. All of my experiences, especially the one at Lulu Cake Boutique, have led to me develop my current strengths and thought process. My strengths include critical thinking as well as analytical and organizational skills. I believe that these are important qualities for an AIA liaison candidate in order to effectively manage budgets while also allocating costs for Bentley University’s programs and activities. My goals are focused on the flourishing of student opportunities on campus while incorporating strategic financial decisions through collaboration with my fellow peers. With my experiences and skills, I am confident that I would successfully carry out my duties as an AIA liaison and represent the students of Bentley University and their requests.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Candidate for Allocation & Internal Audit Committee Allocation Liaison

As a rising senior, I wish to leave a positive impact on the Bentley community. These unforeseen circumstances have taught me to live my life to the fullest, to try new things and enhance my campus culture one last time. I enjoy dedicating my time to serve as an active member of our community with various commitments on campus, but I would like to specifically highlight my role as treasurer of Lower Hall Council which falls under Residence Hall Association. My tasks in this role include planning and executing various events throughout the semester, as well as creating budgets for each event and submitting each budget for approval from our advisors. This position has allowed me to collaborate closely with others as well as improve my time management and organization skills. These are skills I am eager to translate into the role of liaison and with this background, I will be able to provide more comprehensive support for treasurers of other organizations as well. If chosen as a liaison, I wish to not only be a resource to student organizations but foster meaningful relationships as well. I am eager to serve as a role model in this position and leave my legacy on Bentley’s campus.


Candidate for Allocation & Internal Audit Committee Allocation Liaison

My name is Alyson Shirley and I am a rising junior majoring in Accounting. I enjoy cost management, which is why I believe being an Allocation Liaison would be a perfect fit for me. I believe in effectively using the SAF to fund organizations and events that bring out the best in the Bentley community. I am currently involved with Residence Hall Association, serving as the Vice President of Internal Affairs this past year. This role has enhanced my communication skills, which I would translate to my role as an Allocation Liaison to work with different organizations. Through RHA, I was able to work on a committee where I learned about AIA policies and procedures. This experience gave me insight to the operations of AIA and inspired me to be a part of it. Please consider voting for me and I promise to serve in the best interest of Bentley students!

Allocation Liason
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